Comprensive School District Sassuolo 2 Nord

Name: Istituto Comprensivo Statale Sassuolo 2 Nord

Our Comprensive School District IC Sassuolo 2 Nord, in the province of Modena Italy, is formed by six school units which are located in the town of Sassuolo.

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The names of the Schools of this District are:

Kindergaten SchoolsAge 2-5 Primary SchoolsAge 6 to10 Junior High schoolsAge 11 to 13
San Carlo Carlo Collodi  with school and Headmaster’s office Parco Ducale
Andersen Gino Bellini
Vittorino da Feltre

Thanks to the care and the creative energy our teachers  devote to mainstream students with different disabilities and learning difficulties, we have chosen the motto: ‘Learning to include and include for learning’ to identify the main quality of our School District.

This school year English is not being taught in our Kindergarten schools, but we did have English Language courses in the past, when funds were  available.

ProjectAstro English K 2016-17

In our Primary schools (age 5/6 to 10/11) the English language is being taught from the first year up to the fifth year. In the second year English is being taught for two hours per week;  in the third, fourth and fifth year English is being taught for three hours per week.
Our School District has one English “specialist teacher” who teaches only English in seven or eight classes. In all other classes it is the class teacher  who is expected to teach  English language in her class along with other subjects.                                                                                                         The English Language teacher and some class teachers belong to a group called Busy Bees  which get together once a month to discuss about educational topics related English teaching.

In most of our Primary school classes the textbook is Treetops and New Treetops of Oxford Univ. Press, in some classes we have the textbook Merry Team of ed. Eli. CLIL methodology is common practice in our schools, because all teachers have recognized this methodology as being very effective for memorization and meaningful language learning. We also use music, songs and chanting to help kids memorize the sound of the English language.

In Junior Highschool (age 11 to 13) the English language is being taught by English language professors for three hours per week, together with the French language for two hours per week. The English professors use drama to motivate and encourage students in the acquisition of the English language. Every year students are involved in the performance of a small play on stage, parents are invited to see the show. Students are also offered the opportunity to take the Trinity language tests during the third Junior High school year.

Special needs students have being mainstreamed in our school system since 1970  by law. Classes with Children who are physically handicapped and have severe learning disabilities are entitled to a Special ed. Teacher and an assistant. Classes with children who are dyslexic are not entitled to have ANY special need teacher or assistant. In 2010 a special law that regulate how dyslexic children and children with mild learning disabilities should be handled in school was passed by the Italian government L 170/2010. In our school district we spend a lot of energy to integrate and include all children in our educational program. In our Primary schools we have adopted a music project for ten years now. Music teachers from the town’s band ‘La Beneficenza’ help the teachers running the project. The main objective of this music project is to give an opportunity to all children to explore the world of sound and music. Often at Christmas or at the end of the school years all classes have the opportunity to sing and play the flute on stage in front of parents. Two or more English songs are always included in the program of the final music performance.


Address: Via Zanella, 7  41049  Sassuolo MO Italy

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telephone: 390536880531

Headmaster:  Maria Luisa D’Onofrio

telephone: 390536880531


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